Stanford Trophy

New event sees Kent triumph

The Basildon Concord Rotary Club sponsored the first Stanford Trophy event, for Girls' under 11 teams. Teams from Kent and Sussex visited the Ghyllgrove School, Basildon and prepared to do battle with two teams from Essex.

The competition was fairly unusual for Junior Chess in that it was a straight head-to-head, with teams in direct competition. Normally in Junior eents, too many teams take part for this to be a viable option, but with four teams and three rounds this was the obvious choice. It had been agreed amongst the team managers that the two Essex sides would meet in round 1 and that the two winners of the first matches would avoid playing one another until round 3.

Essex had decided at the outset to attempt to ensure that their teams were approximately of equal strength. However, when the two sides met in round 1 the score of 8½-1½, Kathryn Finnis being the solitary winner for Essex B, to Essex A made it appear that object of this exercise had not been met. With Kent winning 8 - 2 against Sussex, there was now little doubt who the two strongest sides were.

Now Kent played Essex B, and this was another one-sided match in which the sole winner for the B team was Laura Malbon, who performed excellently to deal with the Kent board 1. Laura, playing white, queened a pawn as part of a middlegame attack and then dragged the black king into her own half of the board before despatching him, black's own queen and rooks inactive observers. Essex A's match against Sussex was rather closer as Sussex won the top half 3 - 2 but could only manage a solitary draw in the botton half. Irena Klimach, Elizabeth Fletcher, Vernisha Roach, Rosie Lynam, Laura Hough and Caoimhe Murphy all made it to 2 / 2.

Sussex beat Essex B 6½-3½ to take third place, the winners for Essex being Melissa Hirst-Jones and Natasha Stone while Stephanie Gover, Samantha Irvine and Tabitha Sykes all drew. Stephanie was a little unfortunate as, having reached an ending with R, B & 2 v R, B & 2 firstly she demonstrated that she understood how to shepherd pawns home with her king and then offered a rook, which White dared no accept, because a new queen would be the result. Eventually White was forced to give up both her pieces to stop the black pawns but then, having done all the hard work, Stephanie delivered stalemate.

In the battle for first place, the match was for a long time too close to call. Simone Webb had estabished a very promising position on the top board and even after her queen disappeared she still had a material advantage and some excellent attacking chances as her two rooks and two bishops were considerably better than White's queen and rook. Simone also had some extra pawns but never quite got to grips with the problem of how to break down the stubbornly defended white king. Repeated attempts to make inroads into his position left her own king unguarded and eventually, after a long sequence of checks by White, in which a couple of mating opportunities went by the wayside, she found a check which picked up one of the rooks. This was the result which eventually clinched the match for Kent, although Elizabeth Fletcher's prolonged rearguard action against the prodigiously talented Soriah Williams was unable to prevent the addition of a further point to the Kent score. Earlier, Alex Stribling had ripped into Jia Ping Lee's defences only to see her advantage disappear with her queen.

So eventually this resulted in a well-deserved victory for the Kent side. David Willis, the President of the Basildon Concord Roatary Club, declared his organisation's willingness to sponsor the event again next year, and also to add an under-14 event, probably over 6 boards, to run alongside the under-11.

While the main event was going on, a problem-solving competition was run throughout the day. There were 6 problems which were generally much to difficult, but nevertheless one competitor found most of the right answers. This was Soriah Williams' father so eventually three prizes were awarded: a bag of mints to Mr. Williams, a bag of jelly babies to the runner-up amongst the competitors, which went to Abigail Friar, and a box of chocolates to Kimberley Hirst-Jones.

Round 1
BdKent8 - 2Sussex
1Jenny Martin0 - 1Abi Fryar*
2Jennifer McKeever1 - 0Elizabeth Tehrani
3Soriah Williams1 - 0Sarah Margolis
4Jia Ping Lee1 - 0Anna Hargrave
5Sheila Subbiah1 - 0Rhiannon Williams
6Teeka Cookson0 - 1Polly Lambert
7Ruby Holloway0 - 1Daniella Robinson
8Becky Harris1 - 0Rezwana Hussein
9Imogen Sadler1 - 0Angharad Hawkins
10Joanna O'Sullivan1 - 0Lotte Hargrave
Round 2
BdEssex A6½-3½Sussex
1Simone Webb0 - 1Elizabeth Tehrani
2Irena Klimach1 - 0Sarah Margolis
3Elizabeth Fletcher1 - 0Anna Hargrave
4Alex Stribling0 - 1Rhiannon Williams
5Rhea Lonergan0 - 1Polly Lambert
6Vernisha Roach1 - 0Daniella Robinson
7Rosy Lynam1 - 0Rezwana Hussein
8Laura Hough1 - 0Angharad Hawkins
90Bethan Gregory½-½Lotte Hargrave
10Caimhe Murphy1 - 0def
Round 3
BdKent7 - 3Essex A
1Jenny Martin1 - 0Simone Webb
2Jennifer McKeever0 - 1Irena Klimach
3Soriah Williams1 - 0Elizabeth Fletcher
4Jia Ping Lee1 - 0Alex Stribling
5Sheila Subbiah1 - 0Rhea Lonergan
6Teeka Cookson1 - 0Vernisha Roach
7Ruby Holloway0 - 1Rosy Lynam
8Becky Harris0 - 1Laura Hough
9Imogen Sadler1 - 0Bethan Gregory
10Joanna O'Sullivan1 - 0Caimhe Murphy
BdEssex A8½ - 1½Essex B
1Kimberley Hirst-Jones*1 - 0Laura Malbon
2Simone Webb1 - 0Ashleigh Jenner
3Irena Klimach1 - 0Melissa Hirst-Jones
4Elizabeth Fletcher1 - 0Stephanie Gover
5Alex Stribling0 - 1Kathryn Finnis
6Rhea Lonergan½ - ½Christina Smith
7Vernisha Roach1 - 0Sharon Sharp
8Rosie Lynam1 - 0Samtantha Irvine
9Laura Hough1 - 0Natasha Stone
10Caoimhe Murphy1 - 0Florence McGough
BdKent8½ - 1½Essex B
1Jenny Martin0 - 1Laura Malbon
2Jennifer McKeever1 - 0Ashleigh Jenner
3Soriah Williams1 - 0Melissa Hirst-Jones
4Jia Ping Lee1 - 0Stephanie Gover
5Sheila Subbiah1 - 0Kathryn Finnis
6Teeka Cookson1 - 0Christina Smith
7Ruby Holloway1 - 0Sharon Sharp
8Becky Harris1 - 0Samantha Irvine
9Imogen Sadler½ - ½Natasha Stone
10Joanna O'Sullivan1 - 0Florence McGough
BdSussex6½ - 3½Essex B
1Elizabeth Tehrani1 - 0Laura Malbon
2Sarah Margolis1 - 0Ashleigh Jenner
3Anna Hargrave0 - 1Melissa Hirst-Jones
4Rhiannon Williams½ - ½Stephanie Gover
5Polly Lambert1 - 0Kathryn Finnis
6Daniella Robinson1 - 0Sharon Sharp
7Rezwara Hussein½ - ½Samantha Irvine
8Angharad Hawkins0 - 1Natasha Stone
9Lotte Hargrave1 - 0Florence McGough
10Alice Robinson½ - ½Tabitha Sykes
*denotes under 12

The problem-solving competition comprised the following positions:-

2kr4/K1pp4/32/7Q/3R4 3Q3K/3B1p2/6kp/6N1/32 6Bk/7P/8/5KR1/8/5P1Q/16
White mates in 2 White mates in 2 White mates in 3
40/1P6/4R2K/k7 6k1/3p4/5Q2/1q3pKp/16/P7/8 1BNk4/p2p4/8/3K4/32
White mates in 8 White to play and win White to play and win

girls u11 girls u11 girls u11 girls u11 girls u11
girls u11 girls u11 girls u11 girls u11 girls u11

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